2 Yard Skip

2 Yard Skips are the smallest skips in our fleet. We offer these mini skips to customers who are looking to dispose of small amount of waste. You are able to dispose of approximately 25 black bin bags into a two Yard Skip. We see an increase in two Yard Skip orders leading up to spring time.

Many Customers choose a two yard skip for soil and rubble disposal. It isn’t surprising at all, considering these mini skips can hold up to 2 tonne of soil when full! As a result 2 yard mini skip is therefore very popular with customers who are improving their gardens ready for warm summer days.

Little Giants

Throughout the years, we have seen an increase of people using our mini skips for a small bathroom refurbishment too. No wonder, it can actually fit an entire bathroom suite in!

If you are disposing any old furniture and you have broken it down as well as some other household items, a two yard will probably suffice too. These little Giants really are very versatile and the cheapest all around. On average you can save yourself around £40.00 if you order our mini skip as oppose to buying and booking a disposal with the yellow bag company!

Order your 2 yard skips today

Like the sound of all that two yard skip has to offer? Ordering a skip with us could not have been easier! You can Call Us Today or Simply Order Online. Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us trough our website please click here.

Your Waste is Our Responsibility!

We are a responsible Waste Carrier as well as Waste Management Company. We take our responsibilities towards the environment very seriously. Operating from the Hythe in Colchester, all your waste will be transported to our site. Your waste will be segregated and sorted into recycling and non-recycling products. All waste enters legal waste streams ensuring maximum amount is recycled and not destined for the landfill. What’s more, if we are unable to recycle it, we will pass it on to companies which can!

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